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Artist Incubation Program
Collect premium art from globally renowned artists. No utility. Just Art.
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Premium Art for
Art Collectors
The Artist Incubation Program is an initiative launched by SuperNormal to support both upcoming and established artists. The program offers a platform for artists to create and showcase their art while collaborating with SuperNormal's experienced team of curators, marketers, and designers.

The art produced through the Artist Incubation Program is of the highest quality, and it is created for people who greatly appreciate and value art. Each collection is purely focused on the art, and features limited benefits thus allowing the artist to focus entirely on creating their best work.
Dream Girls
By Kyu Yong Eom
Our vision for the Artist Incubation Program is to create pure, art-driven collections. This stems from our roots as an art based Web3 IP company. Our goal is to fully support the artistic movement within the web3 space in order to foster a space where creativity can thrive and grow.

In order to achieve this vision, we want both the artists and the development team to focus entirely on delivering the highest quality art possible. As such, each collection features no utilities and is just pure art.
Each collection in the Artist Incubation Program is purely focused on the art and features no utilities.
Dream Girls
by Kyu Yong Eom
+ many more to come
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I own an AIP NFT, what benefits do I get?

All Artist Incubation Program NFT's feature amazing premium art as its main benefit. This is the purpose of the program; Our goal is to deliver high quality art to art collectors in the NFT space. Each AIP NFT has zero utilities and is purely just for art collecting purposes.

What is the main purpose of AIP?

The main purpose of the Artist Incubation Program is to deliver high quality art from renowned artists to art collectors in the NFT space. Our goal is to make upcoming & established artists more accessible to the masses and let more people enjoy and appreciate the art they have created.

How can I stay up to date on AIP launches?

Join our discord or follow us on twitter!

Will the supply be the same for all AIP NFT's?

No! Each Artist Incubation Platform collection will feature different sized collections and are tailored accordingly to the artists wishes.

Will WL allocations be the same for AIP NFT's?

No! Due to the different supply sizes of each collection, WL allocation will not be the same as past AIP collections and will be different on a per-project basis. Systems that were used in the past for achieving WL may not be the same for future drops.