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Bridging the physical and digital worlds.
SuperNormal enters the metaverse through its exclusive land holdings.
s2: Han Yak
Revolutionary expansion of the genesis collection.
SN continues to expand via collabs with artists and web2 brands.
Stay Tuned
As we continue to grow and build, we will also expand our blueprint. Stay tuned for some very exciting stuff we have planned.

Our Partners

What we've done so far

SuperNormal had one of the most successful launches of any NFT project to date. At launch, SuperNormal generated millions in sales and created one of the most diverse art driven communities in the NFT space.

SuperNormal was featured in a Forbes article shortly after launch which talked about inclusivity in web3.
SuperNormal partnered with HANJAN to host a dayclub event at Coachella for its holders. Celebrity guests included, Champ Medici, Bretman Rock, Nicole Scherzinger, and BIA.
SuperNormal partnered with Tatler, a global luxury publication, for an interview with SuperNormal CEO, Andrew Choi.
Twitter Korea
SuperNormal partnered Twitter Korea to host a ZIPCY Q&A Live Drawing event. The live stream, in Twitter Blueroom, saw more than 500K+ viewers tuning in. We'll be having more collaborations with Twitter Korea in the future. Stay tuned.
SuperNormal started a long term partnership with Casetify to successfully deliver thousands of free NFT phone cases for SN holders. Each case featured the Zips owned the individual holder.
SuperNormal partnered with Waterbomb, one of the biggest K-Pop music festivals in South Korea . For the partnership, ZIPCY illustrated exclusive NFT's that gave holders entry to the festival and VIP lounge access.
For the Waterbomb festival, SuperNormal also partnered with Cider to host an in-person booth with exclusive merch and free goodies.
SuperNormal partnered with Dented Feels, Dream Society, and OnChainTV to host an in-person event at VRWorldNYC for NFT NYC. ZIPCY made an appearance and drew caricatures for holders and attendees.
Seoul Arts Center
SuperNormal partnered with DAS to showcase ZIPS and Zipcy's Secret at the Seoul Arts Center Opera House.
YTN Interview
Andrew Choi appeared on YTN (Korean tv network) for a live in-person interview on the success of SuperNormal
SuperNormal hosted a booth at the NFT ART Tokyo in Trunk Hotel Lounge. Free SN holder gifts were given out for attendees.
NFT Asia
SuperNormal hosted a booth at NFT Asia in Singapore. Our team networked with attendees and talked with our Singapore holders in-person.
Ha Jung-woo
Ha Jung-woo partnered with SuperNormal to launch an NFT collection based on SuperNormal IP. The project was recently featured on Coin Desk.
Blockchain Week Busan
Our CEO, Andrew Choi, was invited to be a keynote speaker at BWB 2022. Special ZIPS was sold at auction during the event.
SuperNormal was featured again in a recent Forbes article discussing the success of our high profile collaborations.
The Sandbox
SuperNormal partnered with The Sandbox to offer all 8888 ZIPS holders with 3D voxel avatars.
SuperNormal Metaverse
SM Brand Marketing
SuperNormal partnered with SM Entertainment (SM Brand Marketing) to launch an exclusive and groundbreaking multi-NFT collection.
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What's Next?
Behind the scenes, the SuperNormal team continues to build and grow. We have lots of things planned for the road ahead and cannot wait to show you what we have been working on. Stay tuned.
To ZIPS and beyong.

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