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8,888 generative works of art that provide elite benefits to the entire SuperNormal brand.
ZIPS #4574
Art collectible created by SuperNormal NFT. Hand-drawn by ZIPCY
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8,888 Works of Art
The genesis collection contains 8,888 generative pieces of art, all unique and sophisticated in their own way.
Hand-drawn by ZIPCY
Hand-Drawn by ZIPCY
The Genesis Collection features artwork that is entirely hand drawn by world renowned South Korean artist ZIPCY.

The art itself is stunning and has positioned the Genesis collection as one of the most premium and highly sophisticated generative artworks to exist in the web3 & NFT space.
Over 1000 Traits
Across the entire collection, there are over 1000 hand-drawn traits. Each trait is procedurally generated to create unique and wholly original pieces of art.
Popular Traits
Over the course of the Genesis collection's existence, there have been many fan favorite traits and hidden traits that have become highly valuable & sought after and are deeply cherished by the SuperNormal NFT community.
Cover | Candy Hoodie
ZIPS #8800
Mouthpiece | Pipe
ZIPS #1756
Mouthpiece | Black Chain
ZIPS #8800
Hex | 0x0000000
ZIPS #2768
Top | Mech
ZIPS #7648
Top | Glow Girl
ZIPS #7538
Hex | 0xEBEBEB
ZIPS #1988
Hidden Trait | Rainbow
ZIPS #0779
Cover | Exo
ZIPS #3271
Top | Blue Tigers
ZIPS #7538
Cover | Super Racer
ZIPS #1258
Hidden Trait | Human/Droid
ZIPS #0931
+ many more popular traits!
Art-Driven Community
One of the goals of the Genesis collection was to create a thriving global community of art driven individuals. We are proud to have achieved that goal, and our community today stands as one of the strongest art driven communities in web3.
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Elite Benefits
SuperNormal NFT
Genesis Collection
Elite Member
This is more than just an NFT
Owning an NFT from the Genesis Collection gets you more than just premium, sophisticated art. It grants you an all-access pass with elite benefits to the entire SuperNormal ecosystem & brand.

This mean all the products within SuperNormal NFT, SuperNormal Atelier, SuperNormal Couture, SuperNormal Editions, and SuperNormal Metaverse.
Genesis Holder Benefits
Priority access & whitelist opportunities for all SuperNormal NFT collabs
Pre-launch opportunities for all SuperNormal NFT products
Whitelist giveaways to newest NFT projects
Holder discount for all SuperNormal Couture products
Pre-launch access & benefits to SuperNormal Editions
Pre-launch access & benefits to SuperNormal Metaverse
Whitelist opportunities to SuperNormal Atelier projects
Free merchandise from SuperNormal collaborations
Exclusive whale benefits & perks
Verified holder role in Discord
Whale roles in Discord
VIP access to all in-person SuperNormal events
1/1 Drawing of your ZIPS airdropped, drawn by ZIPCY.
+ many more to be added
Get the full benefits of the
SuperNormal ecosystem
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Multi-Holder Rewards
These benefits are in-addition to the existing elite benefits offered by owning a Genesis NFT. More whale benefits will continue to be added as SuperNormal grows.
Higher chances to get WL for all SuperNormal NFT collaborations
Featured Discord role
Entry multiplier for WL giveaways to other projects
Exclusive pre-launch benefits & perks to all SuperNormal brand products.
+ more to be added
Multi-Holders Rewards
Rewards for our most loyal holders
We are rewarding our most dedicated and loyal holders with a range of benefits & perks. You must meet the eligibility requirements to receive whale benefits.
Eligibility Requirements:
Multi Zips Holder
Own 5+ ZIPS from the Genesis Collection
Where can I buy the Genesis Collection?

You can buy the Genesis collection from OpenSea. Here is the link to the official collection page: Buy Genesis Collection

Why should I buy the Genesis Collection?

The Genesis Collection is the most art driven NFT in our lineup and features the most benefits out of all NFT's we produce. If you want an NFT that provides you with elite benefits and utilities, this is the NFT to get.

Will there be more benefits?

Yes! We will continue to add even more elite benefits to the Genesis Collection. The idea is that this piece of art will act as a pass to all SuperNormal brand activities, events, launches, drops, products etc. As we continue to build the rest of SuperNormal, the benefits for the Genesis Collection will also continue to grow alongside it.

Can I receive past Genesis Collection benefits?

No, all benefits that Genesis Collection provides is not prorated, meaning you cannot receive past benefits.  However, you will be able to receive any future and on-going benefits as long as you hold a Genesis NFT.

Why does Genesis look so different from Season 2?

The Genesis Collection is our most art-driven collection and will always stay that way. Meanwhile, season 2 is not art-driven, it is ecosystem driven, that is why they will look significantly different. The priority of the Genesis collection is on art and elite benefits. Meanwhile the focus of Season 2 is on the gaming ecosystem as a whole. Due to the the Genesis collection's status of being the most art-focused NFT in our lineup, we had to make Season 2's focus be on something different so as not to disrupt or undercut the beauty and prestige of the Genesis Collection.

What is the difference between Genesis and Season 2?

The biggest main difference between the Genesis collection and Season 2 is 3 things: Art, Benefits, and Structure.

The Genesis Collection provides all access benefits to the whole SuperNormal ecosystem, this mean access to everything we're doing across all 5 verticals: NFT, Atelier, Couture, Editions, and Metaverse. It is also the most art driven collection in our platform and is a static collection, meaning the art itself will always remain the same. Does this mean the benefits will be static? No, the benefits of owning a Genesis collection will continue to grow and expand as the entire SuperNormal company grows and expands. This is the way the Genesis collection is structured. You can think of it like this: Holding a Genesis NFT is like owning a beautiful work of art that simultaneously gives you elite membership benefits and perks to everything we do. That means exclusive access to every collab, mint, claim, capsule drop, etc.

Season 2 is its own ecosystem & platform under the SuperNormal NFT subdivision and has separate benefits and perks from Genesis. Holders of any Season 2 related items (Mystery Box, Han Yak, Wearables, etc.) will receive benefits and perks related to Season 2 only. The art will also be significantly different as it utilizes 3D avatars and customizable wearables. Additionally the structure will be different; it uses gaming mechanics to power the back end and keep users engaged. The main focus and goal of Season 2 is to become a thriving & self sustaining ecosystem/platform, one that continuously evolves and changes over time. It is an entry point into SuperNormal NFT and is meant to bring in new community members and introduce them to the overall SuperNormal Brand.

As you can see, Genesis and Season 2 are significantly different. Each serves a different purpose and targets a different market. The Genesis collection gives you elite membership benefits and perks to everything under the SuperNormal Brand, while owning Season 2 allows you to receive benefits and perks for our newest ecosystem & platform under the SuperNormal NFT subdivision.

Can I get Genesis benefits from buying Season 2 items?

No, the benefits of the Genesis NFT are only for Genesis holders. Likewise, the benefits of Season 2 are only for season 2 holders. And with the free claim and mint of the Mystery Box now officially sold out, purchasing a Genesis NFT now will not give you Season 2 benefits, and purchasing Season 2 items (Mystery Box, Han Yak, Wearables, etc.) will not give you Genesis benefits.

Currently, as of November 26, 2022, those who buy a Genesis NFT and want to participate in Season 2 + all the pre-launch incentives, must purchase a Mystery Box from secondary markets.

We should note however, that all Genesis holders (prior to November 24, 2022) were given the opportunity to free claim and mint a pre-launch Season 2 item, the Mystery Box. This box is meant to give Genesis holders a way to start their journey in Season 2 without having to purchase S2 items separately. This is in-line with our vision for the Genesis Collection, which is to always give benefits to every aspect of the SuperNormal brand. After the Season 2 launches in 2023, those who buy the Genesis collection must purchase Season 2 items separately on our platform or OpenSea in order to participate in the Season 2 ecosystem (we will have special incentives and discounts for those who buy Genesis first and want to get into Season 2).