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Earn $SN and exclusive rewards.
Harvest Now
ZIPS #0110
100 SN
Earn $SN
All ZIPS that are harvesting will earn 1 $SN per day/per ZIPS. The more you hold and harvest, the more you earn.

$SN will be used in a variety of ways for things such as WL's for SuperNormal initiatives, discount codes for Couture, and more! This is just the beginning of $SN's purpose and scope, lots more to come in the coming months.
Harvest Now
Level Up
Harvesting features a level progression system. Level progression is increased on a daily basis by harvesting ALL ZIPS. In the future, a higher level could mean exclusive benefits to high level harvesters. Get a head start now and harvest those ZIPS and flex your level!
All ZIPS must be harvesting to level up.
Level 8
In order to progress to the next level, ALL ZIPS must be harvesting. You will lose all level progression if you de-harvest all ZIPS.
ZIPS Upgrade
Stepping into the future
Same ZIPS,
Better Tech
Freedom, Flexibility, Future Proof
Through a contract upgrade, SuperNormal obtains more degree of sovereignty and control over our collection IP.
New Contract, New Tech
The new contract sits on a dynamically upgradeable smart contract, meaning more room for new cutting edge technologies.
Same Benefits, Better Rewards
All benefits of owning the ZIPS will be carried over to the new contract. We'll also be able to offer even more unique rewards and benefits to all ZIPS holders moving forward.
ZIPS #4574
Art collectible created by SuperNormal NFT. Hand-drawn by ZIPCY
Sweepstakes List
All rewards will be raffled out to those harvest within 30 days.
SuperNormal Genesis NFTs (ZIPS)
Blue Winds NFTs
Dream Girls NFTs
Visionary by DAIN YOON WLs
Visionary by DAIN YOON VLs (Visionary Lists)
Visionary by DAIN YOON Airdrops
SuperNormal VIP Masterpass
Limited Time Only
To kick start our harvesting process, we're offering some amazing rewards for our community to win for harvesting early!

Harvest within the first week (April 2 - 9) to receive a 3x harvesting reward multiplier

Sweepstakes ends on April 30th.
Eligibility Requirements:
Harvest within 30 Days.
No gas refund requested.
What is Harvest-to-Earn?

Harvest to earn is SuperNormal’s harvesting system. By harvesting your ZIPS you can earn an off-chain reward ($SN). This off-chain currency can then be used to redeem items from the shop. These may include exclusive and highly sought after WL’s from our Collabs, discount codes, NFT’s and more.

When and where do I harvest?

You can harvest your ZIPS at harvest.supernormal.art. Harvesting can be done at anytime, we encourage you to harvest when gas is at its lowest.

Is there an approve all transaction?

Yes, harvesting requries an approval all (for ZIPS collection only) transaction. Once you have completed this step, you do not need to do it again.

How many transactions is there total?

It depends. If you have never sold any ZIPS before, you will need to process 3 total transacitons. If you have sold ZIPS before, then you will only need to process 2 transactions.

Sold ZIPS before = 2 Transactions
Never Sold any ZIPS = 3 Transactions

What can I do with with $SN?

For the time being, $SN can be used to redeem items from our shop. These may include exclusive WL’s from our own SuperNormal ecosystem, discount codes for SuperNormal Couture, and possibly some NFT’s. As harvesting expands, the use case for $SN will also expand with it. For now, we recommend to collect as much $SN as you can, you’ll need it for the future.

Can I sell my $SN for money?

No, $SN cannot be sold for fiat. We also do not allow the sale of any $SN to other users. Such actions will be taken as a violation of terms of use and you will be immediately blacklisted.

Do we need to pay gas to harvest and claim $SN?

You will need to pay gas to harvest your ZIPS, but you do not need gas to claim $SN. Any $SN you earn is earned automatically and deposited into your account balance. Additionally all off-chain rewards are gasless and only require a signature in your wallet to redeem.

Why are we using a hard stake contract?

There is 2 reasons for this:

1. The first is a token upgrade is made upon harvesting your ZIPS. This is necessary step for the future of SuperNormal as it ensures that our community is on an upgradeable contract which can use to further implement innovations in blockchain technology for our community.

2. The 2nd is to ensure fair rewards is distributed to all users. With harvesting being done on-chain there is no workaround or hack that can be done to receive additional $SN. It is fair process for everyone.

Is sending my NFT to the contract to harvest a one time thing?

If you click the “Harvest All” then you can complete all your harvesting in one tx. Additionally you may choose to harvest ZIPS individually if you wish. However there is a few benefits to harvesting all vs harvesting only a few.

1. Harvesting all will allow you to progress your level in our harvesting system. All ZIPS must be harvesting to progress your level. If 1 ZIP is not harvesting, then you will not earn any percentage to your level progression. In the future, having a higher level will allow you to earn better rewards.

2. It is cheaper to harvest all ZIPS in a single transactions vs harvesting on a 1 by 1 basis. We recommend harvesting when gas is lowest.

What are the benefits of harvesting and $SN?

1. Allows you to earn off-chain currency to redeem for exclusive benefits and rewards.

2. Your ZIPS are upgraded to the new contract thus allowing you to be a part of the more innovative contract that we will use for all development moving forward.

3. The off-chain currency has an exponential amount of use cases that we will introduce to the community over the coming months. Earning $SN now will get you ahead of the game and prepared for all the initiatives we plan to do with $SN.