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An early sneak peak of our upcoming revolutionary ecosystem.
Arriving 2024
PRE-LAUNCH Collection / Mechanic
Mystery Box
The Mystery Box is the first step in our long term plan for the next iteration of SuperNormal NFT, Season 2: Han Yak.

It is the only pre-launch entry point into Season 2 and will give you items that provide you with the best head start for our upcoming ecosystem.
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Season 2 pre-launch benefits & perks
The Mystery Box not only contains season 2 items, but it also acts a pre-launch pass going into Season 2. We have many incentives, benefits, and perks for those who hold mystery boxes and an even greater amount of rewards for those who hold and collect boxes.
Now let's talk about Season 2
Season 2 is an evolving, multi-NFT collection, ecosystem.
A Season that Grows With You
Season 2 is not a static collection, it is a multi-year plan for the future of SuperNormal NFT. We are building a thriving and self sustaining platform that will allow our community to continue to build upon and evolve the collectibles they own within the Season 2 ecosystem.

In addition, we are introducing a number of game mechanics to keep the community engaged and to provide an immersive experience.
CORE FEATURE // NFT Collection
3D Avatars
Season 2 will see the introduction of 3D avatars, which will be included in Han Yak

These 3D avatars will act as a base for you to accessorize and personalize to your liking. All bases can be individually collected as NFT's so you can collect as many as you'd like.
Each 3D avatar will have different skin types, facial features, hairstyles, and more.
Avatar: Yuna
Hair: Pink Eun | Hex: 0x01590 | Eyes: Black
Image above is concept art, final season 2 3D avatar will be different.
At launch, we will have a wide variety of different avatars for Season 2.
All 3D avatars in Season 2 will be full bodied, meaning all avatars will have full visibility from top to bottom. This means you'll be able to customize and accessorize every part of your avatar to your liking.

Which brings us to our next core feature...
CORE FEATURE // NFT Collections
One of the biggest core features of Season 2 is wearables. We have hundreds of different types of clothing and accessories that can be equipped to your 3D avatar, all designed by ZIPCY and the SN team.

Wearables will be categorized into 3 rarity tiers:

Gold, Platinum, and Diamond

Each rarity tier provides different styles of wearables and can be mixed and matched according to your style.
Wearable Rarities
94.3% Chance of Receiving in S2
5.1% Chance of Receiving in S2
0.6% Chance of Receiving in S2
Rarity numbers are subject to change and are not finalized.
Wearables Sneak Peek
Check out some of the avatar wearables you can receive from each tier.
GOLD TIER Wearables
Blossom Bag
94.3% Chance
Pixel Jacket
94.3% Chance
Yellow Vest
94.3% Chance
+ Many More
94.3% Chance of Receiving
Dragon Hoodie
5.1% Chance
Wave Sweatpants
5.1% Chance
Neon Puff Jacket
5.1% Chance
+ Many More
5.3% Chance of Receiving
Millionaire Jacket
0.6% Chance
Cyber Jacket
0.6% Chance
Candy Hoodie v2
0.6% Chance
+ Many More
0.6% Chance of Receiving
Rarity numbers and wearables are subject to change and are not finalized.
Loot Box
Season 2 will see the introduction of many new gaming mechanics, one of which is the Loot Box.
Collect to Earn More Wearables
Every loot box will give you the chance to obtain multiple wearables of different rarities. All rarity tier's will be present in the loot box; Gold, Platinum and Diamond
Collecting 10 loot boxes will earn you at least 1 guaranteed Platinum tier wearable. Diamond tier items can also be obtained, but will remain at the same 0.6% chance.

In the event you do not receive any Diamond tier items after opening 88 loot boxes, a Diamond tier item will be guaranteed to drop in the next box.
Let's Recap
Season 2 is an ecosystem/platform consisting of multiple NFT collections and gaming mechanics.
At launch there will be a variety of NFT collection's: Han Yak (3D Avatars), Gold, Platinum, and Diamond tier wearables, and more.

You'll be able to collect wearables for your 3D avatar which can be earned from the Loot Box or other unannounced gaming mechanics. Wearables can also be purchased individually on OpenSea or through our unannounced platform, via their respective rarity based collections (Gold, Platinum, and Diamond).
Is that everything?
Nope, there's still a lot more alpha that we haven't shown or announced on this page.
Stay tuned, we will continue to release much more info leading up to the launch in 2023.

Scroll down to see Mystery Box incentives
Start your Season 2 journey today!
The Mystery Box is the only pre-launch entry point into season 2. Get your's today on OpenSea.
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A Clarification on
the Genesis Collection
The SuperNormal team would like to emphasize, the Genesis Collection is always at the core and heart of everything we do at SuperNormal. Holding a Genesis NFT will always provide the most benefits for everything we do throughout the 5 verticals/subdivisions within SuperNormal.
Get the full benefits of the
SuperNormal ecosystem
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Let's spice things up a bit, shall we?
Pre-launch Incentives
Collect to Earn Rewards
Collect multiple Mystery Boxes to earn high rarity NFT wearables before Season 2 launches.
1 x Gold Tier Item
25 Mystery Boxes
1 x Gold Tier Item
50 Mystery Boxes
1 x Platinum Tier Item
85 Mystery Boxes
1 x Diamond Tier Item
165 Mystery Boxes
These NFT wearables can redeemed when season 2 launches in 2023. You must hold the amount of boxes stated above
at the time of S2 launch in order to redeem items. Additionally, a mystery box snapshot will be taken at a random date
before S2 launches to ensure the integrity and validity of the wearable claim. Each holder may redeem 1 item from
each tier. A maximum of 4 items can be claimed if you reach the highest tier.  

Items redeemed from each tier are random, and may be different from images above.
Limited Edition Wearable
Platinum Tier Item
Community Quests
Earn a Limited Edition Pre-Launch Wearable and 1 Loot Box
Community quests require a combined community effort and coordination. Once all quests are completed, all holders of the Mystery Box collection will be rewarded. More community quests and rewards will be introduced leading up to the launch.
What all holders will receive:
1 x Season 2 | Loot Box
Community Quest List
100 ETH Volume
Mystery Box collection reaches 100 ETH volume on OpenSea.
Secret Quest
Secret quest will be revealed at later time.
2500+ Sales
Generate over 2500+ individual sales, on OpenSea only.
2000+ Holders
Reach and maintain 2500+ holders of Mystery Boxes.
All 4 community quests must be completed and maintained prior to the launch of season 2.
The deadline to complete these quests is the launch day of Season 2. If all quests
stay completed by the deadline, all Mystery Box holders will be eligible for a free claim of
the Limited Edition Platinum Tier Hoodie wearable.
Leaderboard Rewards
Collecting the most boxes has its perks
The top 20 holders of the Mystery Box collection will be airdropped a free Diamond tier wearable and will be able to free claim 3 S2 Loot Boxes. To be eligible, you must be within the top 20 of all Mystery Box holders at the time of Season 2's launch in order to qualify for this incentive.

What you will receive:
3 x Season 2 | Loot Boxes
Whale Reward List
These benefits will be given out throughout 2023 and more will continue to be added.
Free claim 1 x Diamond Tier wearable per Quarter, with ability to swap out.
Become a beta tester and try out the new platform & features before it releases.
Receive a Loot Box bundle per quarter.
Receive an exclusive launch day whale pack.
Automatic WL for all (unlock content to reveal).
+ more to be added
Whale Rewards
Rewards for our most loyal holders
We are rewarding our most dedicated and loyal holders with a range of benefits for Season 2. You must meet the eligibility requirements to receive whale benefits.
Eligibility Requirements:
ZIPS Whale
Own 25+ ZIPS from the Genesis Collection
Mystery Box Whale
Own 100+ Mystery Boxes
Unlock Content
We all know you want some juicy alpha. So we're giving the community the power to unlock it.
Once the sales volume milestones for Mystery Box are met, more info about Season 2 will unlock.

And btw, even the locked content is not the full picture of season 2. There is even more alpha after that.
Locked Content
Unlocks after Mystery Box reaches 250 ETH volume on OpenSea
Locked Content
Unlocks after Mystery Box reaches 500 ETH volume on OpenSea
Locked Content
Unlocks after Mystery Box reaches 1000 ETH volume on OpenSea
Is that all the rewards?
Nope, as more information about Season 2 gets released we will announce even more incentives and benefits for all MB holders.
And the only way to get these rewards is through: The Mystery Box
Buy A Mystery Box Now
What is the Mystery Box?

The Mystery Box is the first collection within the Season 2 ecosystem/platform. It the start of our long term plan for the future of SuperNormal NFT.

Hint: It is also currently the only entry point into season 2 (prior to launch).

What's inside the Mystery Box?

If we told you then it wouldn't be a mystery then 😉

However, we can confirm that it contains some of the things you see on this page. Not everything about season 2 has been revealed yet so stay tuned for even more info.

Is the Mystery Box the same as the Loot Box?

No, they are not the same thing. Each box serves a different purpose. The Mystery Box is primarily for pre-launch, while the Loot Box will be a post-launch mechanic.

I own a Mystery Box, what happens next?

Owning a mystery box will provide you with the "start" you need for Season 2. The contents of the box will be revealed before Season 2 launches in 2023. More information will be announced leading up to the launch of Season 2.

We would also like to emphasize that the mystery box will act as the only entry point into Season 2 before it launches. There will be opportunities to enter Season 2 without a mystery box post-launch, however, a mystery box provides you with the best perks and benefits going into Season 2.

In the meantime, we recommend collecting mystery boxes and taking advantage of our pre-launch incentives to obtain some high rarity wearables and benefits that can be used in Season 2.

When will we see a preview of season 2?

Can expect to see preview’s next year, 2023. Due to size and scale of season 2, there is a lot of development work going on behind the scenes right now. Therefore it is too early to publicly give a date. We do have an internal deadline/date that we are working towards, but we don’t want to give that out yet until we can be 100% sure it can be met. As we get closer, we will start to be more specific, but for now this is the best info we can give that doesn’t handicap or rush the dev team from trying to meet a public deadline.

Why does Season 2 look so different from Genesis?

Season 2 is not art-driven, it is ecosystem driven, that is why they will look significantly different. The priority is on the ecosystem as a whole. Meanwhile, the Genesis Collection is our most art-driven collection and will always stay that way, that is another reason why Season 2's focus is on the ecosystem and not the art, we wanted to avoid conflicts with our main art-driven NFT.

Please note, this does not mean we are disregarding the art for Season 2, it is still an important aspect of Season 2. It just means that you should not expect Season 2 to be as art-driven as Genesis.

We are striving to produce high quality 3D avatars, but please bear in mind, it will take some time to reach the final product we desire. In the beginning, lower fidelity avatars will be launched and will be built up from there.

Why are you announcing so early?

Season 2 will reveal in parts. There is a reason why we have only released a sneak peek and not a full reveal. We are spacing this out to ensure a constant stream of marketing and content is given out to the public on a consistent basis. In addition, we have other things planned for the mystery boxes that will keep holders engaged.

Is wearables the main driving force behind season 2?

No. The focus of Season 2 is on the ecosystem as a whole and how all the parts fit together to create a cohesive platform. Wearables is just one part of many things we are working on. Once more information is released, you will begin to see the bigger picture.

Will ZIPCY be involved in Season 2?

Absolutely! ZIPCY's style is being incorporated throughout all of the s2 collections. She is heavily involved in every aspect of Season 2, and our plan is to make it more avant garde in terms of style and direction. We are staying true to that promise by taking the direction to another level. Also please keep in mind what we have shown is only a sneak peek, it’s not the whole picture.

How will you compete with fashion design brands on wearables?

We have a team of designers with fashion design experience along with advisors who within the luxury fashion industry who are giving us feedback. ZIPCY herself will also be involved in the process of designing each wearable.

Is this all the info an Season 2?

No, the info we have previewed on this page is only just a small portion of what is in store for Season 2. There is lots more that the team is working on. We will continue to announce even more details, core features, and mechanics leading up to the launch in 2023.

What is the difference between Genesis and Season 2?

The the biggest main difference between the Genesis collection and Season 2 is 3 things: Art, Benefits, and Structure.

The Genesis Collection provides all access benefits to the whole SuperNormal ecosystem, this mean access to everything we're doing across all 5 verticals: NFT, Atelier, Couture, Editions, and Metaverse. It is also the most art driven collection in our platform and is a static collection, meaning the art itself will always remain the same. Does this mean the benefits will be static? No, the benefits of owning a Genesis collection will continue to grow and expand as the entire SuperNormal company grows and expands. This is the way the Genesis collection is structured. You can think of it like this: Holding a Genesis NFT is like owning a beautiful work of art that simultaneously gives you elite membership benefits and perks to everything we do. That means exclusive access to every collab, mint, claim, capsule drop, etc.

Season 2 is its own ecosystem & platform under the SuperNormal NFT subdivision and has separate benefits and perks from Genesis. Holders of any Season 2 related items (Mystery Box, Han Yak, Wearables, etc.) will receive benefits and perks related to Season 2 only. The art will also be significantly different as it utilizes 3D avatars and customizable wearables. Additionally the structure will be different; it uses gaming mechanics to power the back end and keep users engaged. The main focus and goal of Season 2 is to become a thriving & self sustaining ecosystem/platform, one that continuously evolves and changes over time. It is an entry point into SuperNormal NFT and is meant to bring in new community members and introduce them to the overall SuperNormal Brand.

As you can see, Genesis and Season 2 are significantly different. Each serves a different purpose and targets a different market. The Genesis collection gives you elite membership benefits and perks to everything under the SuperNormal Brand, while owning Season 2 allows you to receive benefits and perks for our newest ecosystem & platform under the SuperNormal NFT subdivision.

Can I get Genesis benefits from buying Season 2 items?

No, the benefits of the Genesis NFT are only for Genesis holders. Likewise, the benefits of Season 2 are only for season 2 holders. And with the free claim and mint of the Mystery Box now officially sold out, purchasing a Genesis NFT now will not give you Season 2 benefits, and purchasing Season 2 items (Mystery Box, Han Yak, Wearables, etc.) will not give you Genesis benefits.

Currently, as of November 26, 2022, those who buy a Genesis NFT and want to participate in Season 2 + all the pre-launch incentives, must purchase a Mystery Box from secondary markets.

We should note however, that all Genesis holders (prior to November 24, 2022) were given the opportunity to free claim and mint a pre-launch Season 2 item, the Mystery Box. This box is meant to give Genesis holders a way to start their journey in Season 2 without having to purchase S2 items separately. This is in-line with our vision for the Genesis Collection, which is to always give benefits to every aspect of the SuperNormal brand. After the Season 2 launches in 2023, those who buy the Genesis collection must purchase Season 2 items separately on our platform or OpenSea in order to participate in the Season 2 ecosystem (we will have special incentives and discounts for those who buy Genesis first and want to get into Season 2).