Final Burn is Live
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We have started our very own fashion house, SuperNormal Couture, where we will blend the physical world and the digital world seamlessly.

Our team will design, create, and produce high fashion & luxury streetwear clothing & accessories. We’ll be releasing highly limited capsule drops, a main collection, and a lifestyle collection. Expect to see popular ZIPS traits translated into premium clothing along with many original designs.
Our team will develop exclusive real estate in Decentraland, Sandbox, NFT Worlds, and World Wide Webbland. We plan to host many exciting and fun events, some available to the general public, and some exclusive to SuperNormal holders.

We have also significantly expanded our Metaverse side through our new subdivision, SuperNormal Metaverse.

Our team is actively working on building multi-platform experiences powered by web3 and is developing an ecosystem of gamification platforms that will link together SuperNormal NFT’s, new & existing metaverse’s, and mobile/pc gaming.
s2: Han Yak
Han Yak will introduce a new line of SuperNormals which will be a separate collection.

In season 2, a larger variety of traits will be drawn and created - bolder and avant-garde than those that have preceded. Stay tuned for more details.
SuperNormal continues to expand its brand through exciting collaborations that deliver real value to holders. Through our executive & partnership team, we have been able to secure some groundbreaking collaborations that will expand our reach and further establish the SuperNormal brand throughout web2 and web3.

In addition to our web2 & web3 collabs, we also have an upcoming Charity Auction, which includes a number of influential artists in the space; LisaODT, GreyRadian, orabelart, jfemiki, emmavolou_, pussyrrriot, nftfat, vexxxxa, and naked_cherry
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