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Mystery Box
SuperNormal announces the beginning of a new chapter, mystery boxes. To fully participate, delist before the snapshot in October.

At SuperNormal, we understand and value the importance of consistently innovating and building. Our highly experienced team of designers and developers have been working non-stop behind the scenes to deliver a unique experience for the next phase of SuperNormal NFT. And this all starts with the Mystery Box.

Want to know what's inside? Stay tuned, we'll be releasing more info over the next few months leading up to the launch of this exciting new chapter in SuperNormal NFT.


Mystery Box will be claimable for all holders. Any unclaimed Mystery Boxes will be claimable to the public for 0.01 ETH. A snapshot will be taken sometime in October 2022. At the time of the snapshot, owners of unlisted ZIPS will be captured. The number of Mystery Boxes you can free claim is equal to the number of ZIPS own. The rumor has it that the Mystery Box is associated with S2: Han Yak.

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