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SuperNormal Featured in E27
SuperNormal was featured in a E27 news article about leveraging cultural roots and competitive advantage.

From the article:

"Supernormal Zipcy is a digital art project that is focused on creating beautiful and immersive artwork that reflects the values and beliefs of its creators. And what’s really impressive is that this project has been able to create a strong culture that is centered around these values. The founder Andrew Choi, and the wider team is committed to excellence, innovation, and collaboration, and this has allowed them to create artwork that is truly unique.

The numbers speak for themselves. Supernormal Zipcy has already sold over 10,000 NFTs, and it has generated more than US$40 million in sales. And the project has gained recognition from some of the top players in the industry, including Forbes, which named Supernormal Zipcy as one of the “Top 10 NFT Artists to Watch” in 2021. These creators have leveraged their cultural background to create a project that is a market differentiator and is already gaining recognition beyond Web3 into the beauty and luxury industry."

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