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WAGMI Ventures Podcast
SuperNormal CEO, Andrew Choi, talks about SuperNormal and his ongoing venture, Factorial Funds on WAGMI Ventures Podcast

Listen to Andrew Choi, Founder & CEO of SuperNormal ( & General Partner @ Factorial Funds ( speak on WAGMI Ventures podcast. Here he talks about how SuperNormal is the #1 top-selling web3 brand in Korea with >$100m in volume traded, and with celebrity holders like Eva Longoria, Paris Hilton, Mark Cuban, Sergi Roberto, Android founder, and more. Factorial Funds has invested in top companies like Consensys, Coinbase, Robinhood, Affirm, and more.

He also discusses his past work which includes being the Tech Lead at Coinbase, Microsoft, Linkedin, & Snapchat. Furthermore, theyy discuss what SuperNormal understands about IP in 2023 that others don’t, the evolution from initial concept to a more expansive vision, the primacy of engaging one’s community in a cyclical loop, the investment thesis of Factorial Funds during the bear market, and much more.

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